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Profcons - Professional Consulting Services

About us

Profcons is a consulting firm that provides specialized high value-added advisory services. We focus mainly on Technical Assistance and ICT projects (IPA, World Bank, EBRD, EIB) - from planning to implementation.

In present time there is a constant need for reliable and up-to-date information that address strategic planning needs in order to develop organizations in order to  build value, but also to protect from various threats.

Our aim is to help our customers to go easier through challenges of modern business.

Profcons provides services in order to assist to clients in following fields:

  • Explore the markets of interest and the competition
  • Realize the market size, the opportunities and their timing
  • Predict potential risks and threats
  • Plan for growth


Our clients are involved in every stage of the process rather than being informed. This approach has proven to be the most effective providing long term results.


[feature icon="check" title="Strategic planning" color="3"]Provision of advisory services of high added value, to firms who wish to formulate strategy and long-term plans in order to develop their business in a sustainable manner in Technical Assistance projects in the countries of Former Yugoslavia.[/feature] [feature icon="check" title="Project Management" color="3"]We advise our clients on how to implement successful projects that meet the needs and expectations of the Contracting Authorities and Beneficiaries. [/feature] [feature icon="check" title="Sourcing of experts" color="3"]Sourcing of professionals of high caliber that meet or exceed the demands of Contracting Authorities and Beneficiaries, either throughout project implementation or during the bidding process.[/feature] [feature icon="check" title="Procurement assistance" color="3"]Providing expertise in different procurement processes such as IPA, World bank, EBRD, local government procurement procedures, helping in creation of bids and following tender processes.[/feature]


The countries of EU, EEA, EMEA and IPA II beneficiary countries represent our main markets of competence.

Fields of work

[service icon="signal" title="Public Administration Reform"]Capacity building, modernization of legislation[/service] [service icon="signal" title="Digital Government"]E – government, E – justice, E – health, E – learning, etc...[/service] [service icon="signal" title="Business Solutions"]ICT development, software and hardware solutions[/service] [service icon="signal" title="Economic Development"]Regional Development, SMEs[/service] [service icon="signal" title="Labor and social issues"]Strengthen the institutional capacities at the national and local level to manage labor and social policies on realistic, realized experience[/service] [service icon="signal" title="Strategic planning"]Provision of advisory services of high added value, to firms and institutions who wish to formulate strategy and long-term plans in order to develop their business in a sustainable manner in Technical Assistance projects[/service]


Prozone Novi sad Serbia &KLTT Kuwait

Business process analysis, modelling and delivery of software solution based on eDocumentus platform and implemented processes

Congress service center Skopje Macedonia

IT services, Communication equipment testing services, Network and server infrastructure services vulnerability testing testing services, Traffic monitoring services of server and communications equipment at individual port level

Europe Aid/133836/C/SER/RS

Providing services for engaging NKE for National e-Invoicing and e-Ordering standard and e-Invoicing and e-Ordering technical specifications, summarized technical specification and detailed cost estimation

More to come...

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Telephone: +385 (0) 91 948 4222